A 6-month journey of clarity, authenticity, and alignment to uncover your purpose and create the life you truly want

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This is not a course on launching a business, but rather a course on how to fundamentally become the person that is emotionally, mentally, and consciously strong enough to succeed, no matter what barriers s/he faces. To become a Magnetic Leader, you must know where you are, where you would like to be, and map a strategy to get there. 

It leverages Songya's unique background to combine Business Strategy and Design Thinking with Coaching and Meditation through bespoke frameworks, new exercises, and powerful visualizations.

 *Participation is by invitation after a free 30-min call with Songya to assess mutual fit.


STEF,  Art Director + Visual Brand Storyteller at Ink and Pulp

STEF, Art Director + Visual Brand Storyteller at Ink and Pulp

There are two or three things I value as a life-changing investment, and deciding to work with Songya in her Magnetic Leadership program is one. Songya has miraculously tapped into my deep-seated gifts, guiding me in consciously bringing them out into the world. I am eternally grateful for how fulfilling and empowering this experience has been, and for Songya's own example as a magnetic leader. She has helped me lay the groundwork for my self-care and self-confidence, while equipping me with indispensable tools that have translated my internal growth into outward success.

SEAN, Operations at node.io

SEAN, Operations at node.io

Purpose is not an easy thing to discover, nor adopt, but its impact and its power is immense. Throughout Songya's program she was able to continually provide tools and structures to empower the discovery, distillation and actioning of my drive and my goals. While it has always been present, being fully aware of your purpose is a whole new level of enablement which I can now embody, thanks to her.

MICHAEL, COO at Focal Systems

MICHAEL, COO at Focal Systems

My work with Songya was to no surprise, one of the most impactful sets of interactions in my life. While keeping in mind that true change in self is based on your own decision-making power, once you are mentally ready, Songya can and will change your life. Rather than giving you a recipe-like set of steps to success, she asks the right questions and suggests extremely healthy thought processes, that lead to the success you truly want. Once your direction of personal change is set through Songya's work, you have tools you need to continue your growth without her.


  • 12x  1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • 12x Workbooks
  • 12x Mindfulness Modules
  • 5x Guided meditations & visualizations
  • Bonus exercises & Workbooks

If you opt to do the course with an assigned Partner (Songya will pair you), you also get:

  • 12x Partner Coaching Sessions
  • 12x Guided Partner Workbooks
  • The Life Canvas (including a poster-size version)
  • The Strategic Life Pyramid
  • The Roadblocks Framework
  • The Ikigai Framework
  • OMC vs IMC Framework
  • The Line Framework
  • The Chaordic Path


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Songya

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Songya

Partner Coaching Sessions

Partner Coaching Sessions



Bi-weekly workbooks and mindfulness exercises

Bi-weekly workbooks and mindfulness exercises

Bi-weekly workbooks to guide your partner coaching sessions

Bi-weekly workbooks to guide your partner coaching sessions

Meditation & visualization recordings

Meditation & visualization recordings

Bonus workbooks and extra materials for your unique journey

Bonus workbooks and extra materials for your unique journey




Plus many more new tools in development!


ANDREW,  Facilitator and Entrepreneur

ANDREW, Facilitator and Entrepreneur

Songya is absolutely right to call herself people’s architect. She is extremely good at facilitating personal growth by clarifying priorities, increasing productivity, formulating clear vision and a purpose for being in this world. Songya also helped me a lot in identifying and transcending mental roadblocks that are really hard to see without external help. I would definitely recommend Songya’s programme to any person who is a successful leader already and wants to grow further to make a real difference to this world.

ERIN,  Mentor | Writer | Leader

ERIN, Mentor | Writer | Leader

“Magnetic Leadership” is the most phenomenal program I've ever taken. It's a leadership program that combines your personal skills and gifts with general business skills to get you to where you want to go in any career of your choosing. It's like taking a business course for EVERY FACET OF YOUR LIFE. It has taught me so much about my self worth, my mission in life, who I truly am and what I truly want. It has, without a doubt, changed the entire scope of my life. I hereby endorse the hell out of this program.

ANDREW,  Political Science and International Relations student at the University of Cambridge

ANDREW, Political Science and International Relations student at the University of Cambridge

I've worked with Songya for the last 3 months. Her coaching style, processes and exercises have challenged, pushed, and encouraged me to look beyond the surface of my wants, needs and desires in love, life and career. With her guidance I've  confirmed my life's vision, and refocused my personal and professional efforts towards a career and lifestyle that are in harmony with my personality, values and skills.  



Walk away with . . .

  1. An understanding of who you are
  2. Piercing clarity on what you want
  3. Knowledge of your unique gifts
  4. A strong connection to your intuition
  5. Control over your overactive mind
  6. A sense of purpose and motivation
  7. Authentic happiness
  8. Tools for a lifetime of continued learning
  9. Greater EQ and self-awareness
  10. A Life Strategy

This is a course for entrepreneurs who who want to ensure that their dream is built on strong foundations.

This is a course for leaders who want to step into the light, but are still doubting themselves.

This is a course for people who want to clarify their purpose and develop their Life Strategy.

Proceed when ready.



GRANT, Consultant at BCG

GRANT, Consultant at BCG

The highest compliment I can pay to the magnetic leadership program is that it will push you out of your comfort zone. You will be asked to question your assumptions and beliefs in entirely new ways, and gain unexpected insights into yourself. Songya is an outstanding coach, gently requiring you to push yourself farther. If you put in the effort, you'll feel like a new person by the end of the program.

JJ,  Cofounder at Matter Technologies

JJ, Cofounder at Matter Technologies

Songya was an absolutely fabulous coach. Her Magnetic Leadership program provided me with interesting and consistently actionable information that I could use to build strong habits, identify my key obstacles and develop new patterns around the way I work to set things up for success.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and grow professionally.

PATRICK,  PhD Student at  University of Cambridge

PATRICK, PhD Student at University of Cambridge

If I had to reduce Songya's framework to a single word, it would be all about ALIGNMENT. Over the past six months, I have come to better understand how my strengths, interests, and core values as well as my weaknesses and personal mental roadblocks all come together to influence and motivate my decision making. Songya's program also provides a framework rather than a prescription or solution. Most of the activities or techniques that I have learned from Songya are not geared to solve a specific problem, but can instead be thought of as 'tools' that can be more widely applied. The return on investment for this program has been enormous; I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to better understand their own goals, values, and vision for the future. 



module 1: Know yourself

Take an honest look at who you are, where you are right now. How do you spend your time? What are you good at? What holds you back? What do other people think of you? What are your opportunities for improvement?

Module 2: Define Your North Star

Uncover your "reason for being" and your life aspirations. What do you want? What are the optimal conditions for a successful life? Why do you do the work you do? What do you love doing? What does the world need?

Module 3: Maximize Efficiency & Results

Develop the habits and skills required to excel in your chosen path and become a Magnetic Leader. How can you stay productive? How do you make decisions with certainty? How do you coach as a style of management?



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