This course was originally developed for MBA students at the University of Cambridge to help them create an aligned path of action and tell a compelling story to land the dream job.

Now you can experience the same process and methodology used at one of the world’s leading business schools to gain confidence in what you bring to the table, define where you want to go with your career, and align your career objectives.

Using verbal, written, and visualization exercises, we will:

  • Clarify your ideal lifestyle
  • Define your vision for the future
  • Rewire your soul and your mind for success
  • Explore your past to uncover your Gifts and Skills
  • Align the Values by which you live, work, and make decisions
  • Craft your Personal Pitch to enroll employers and collaborators

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From the 1-Day Intensive

DR SAMIR ALI KHAN, Consultant, Global Market Access, GfK Ltd

DR SAMIR ALI KHAN, Consultant, Global Market Access, GfK Ltd

Before getting introduced to Songya, I was meddling between jobs and was quite unsure about the next best direction and choice for a career. My challenge was to choose a job that leveraged my past skills and learnings to render a well-rounded and successful career story that aligned to my values and goals in personal life.

Songya helped me walk through each of my past choices and experiences and pulled out the real 'Whys, Hows and Ahas' of my journey so far. The highlight was our diagnosis of my life goals, emotional values and a brilliant idea to capitalise on my way of life and work today. I finally found a greatly fulfilling job too, but even more importantly, my journey to get it became easier and enjoyable.

Before signing up for this programme, I was speaking with a few other coaches and my perception of coaching was not so positive because of the 'one size fits all' type of outputs that led to obviously theoretical and yet ambiguous answers. But this programme with Songya has not only helped me surface answers to the complex life-career questions that were sitting deep in my own subconscious mind but also unravel tangible opportunities to improve and balance life around work.

I now believe that coaching is not just about 'what content' your coach provides but more importantly 'how' they interact with you to make this a meaningful and memorable impact on your life. Songya has transformed the ways I look at daily battles and victories in life now. I highly recommend her to anyone out there who is looking for a good session on introspection, life or career.


    Depending on your time and budget, there are two options:

    From the convenience of your home, take all the time you need to explore each workbook in depth.

    During each week of the course, you will be sent one module. Each module contains a workbook and exercises that you can complete at your leisure. Following each module is a 1:1 coaching session (via Skype) with Songya where we will distill and consolidate your learnings onto your Life Canvas

    Even though the course is digital, Songya is there to support you every step of the way - you can reach out to her at any time with questions.

    • 3x  60-min 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    • 3x Workbooks
    • Life Canvas - Digital A0
    • Life Canvas - Digital A4
    • Bonus Exercises 

    Investment: €1500
    Payment options: one payment of €1500 or two payments of €800

    For the VIP experience, meet Songya in London or Berlin for a full day of 1:1 coaching.

    The day will begin in an inspirational and private setting. With tea or coffee in-hand, we will map out the day, open our minds, and start the creative energy flowing. 

    Songya will be there to walk you through each exercise in-depth. Together, we will consolidate learnings onto your Life Canvas.

    • Full-Day 1:1 Coaching Session
    • 3x Workbooks
    • Life Canvas - Digital A0
    • Life Canvas - Printed A4s
    • Muji Notebook + Pen
    • Bonus Exercises 
    • Food: Conscious & nutritious lunch, snacks, and water are all included

    Investment: €3000 
    Payment options: one payment of €3000 or two payments of €1575



    1-Day Intensive

    A snapshot of our work station during the 1-Day Career Clarity session in London.



    From the 3-hour workshop at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.

    LOGO - CJBS.jpg

    "Fantastic Session! Really enjoyed it and was such a worthwhile activity. Now I can feel a lot more confident given I know my Ikigai (reason for being)." 

    "This workshop is superb. I feel that I can focus on my career now rather than follow the flow." 

    "Songya comes across as being very passionate about what one is doing and why one does it. I feel she practices what she teaches which makes her authentic."

    "The most I have learnt about myself in a training session ever!"

    "The most constructive career training ever had. This is what we really need to advance in our career goals setting."



    Module 1: Inner journey to the past

    Review the path that brought you here today while tracking the key skills and signature gifts that make you unique. Journeying to your highs and lows, we will begin to see what is important to you. What are your values? What do you love to do? In which environments do you thrive?

    Module 2: inner journey to the future

    Reveal your vision for the future - both your vision for the world and your vision for your life. What is missing in the world? What could the world be like? What does your ideal life look like? Feel like? How can you leverage your unique gifts and skills to make these visions a reality?


    Module 3: aligned actions & impact

    Part 3 will vary depending on what we uncover in Parts 1 & 2 and on what your specific needs are right now. We might finalize your Personal Pitch for interviews or map a Strategic Plan for your business or chart a Life Wheel to gauge personal balance.



    This course is for you if:

    • You have a burning desire to uncover your soul's purpose
    • You often find yourself wondering, "Is this all?" and want to dig deeper
    • You stay up at night pondering what it means to be truly and authentically happy
    • You know you can DO more and BE more, but are not certain what "more" means



    This course is NOT for you if:

    • You are only seeking resume reviews
    • You want someone to listen, but you don't want to do any work
    • You are unhappy in your career, but do not want to change right now
    • You talk about trying new things, but you'll do that "one day . . . when . . ."



    We will ask the following questions:

    • What is a fulfilling career? What do you love to do?
    • What are you good at? What are your Skills and Gifts?
    • What do you care about? What are your Values?
    • What do you want? What is your Life Vision and World Vision?
    • How can you get there? What is your Strategy and what Tools will you use?


    Proceed when ready.




    This program uses The Life Canvas to track progress and record discoveries. Learn more by clicking the button below.



    Not quite ready?

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