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My commitment is to help your start-up or firm achieve it's next big milestone by supporting, training, and developing your most important asset - your people. I do this by offering 1-on-1 coaching with start-up founders or rising corporate stars and designing/delivering bespoke leadership programs.

Together, we can create a world where:

  • Established Leaders leverage authentic power to be positive role models and inspire confidence in their teams.

  • Emerging Leaders are given the training and support they need from the moment they start managing, not 10 years later at the age of 42 (as one study from found).

  • "Work" becomes a learning ground for developing key skills that were never taught in school: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, conflict resolution, effective communication, and so many more.

  • Businesses and Individuals create symbiotic relationships by aligning strategic corporate initiatives with personal values and goals to drive future business success.

For further information and an initial discussion on how I can support your individual and organizational leadership aspirations, please get in touch.

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We have helped 8 start-ups scale to $1 Billion. When you become a LEVEL7 client, gain access to knowledge and expertise from all of our associates and clients (which include Google, Linkedin, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, LSI Logic, EMI, and Ariba to name a few).


I work with only a handful of private clients who are committed to betterment and radical transformation. My private clients are ambitious, self-motivated leaders who want to be the best version of themselves so that they may live in a state of flow and inspire the best performance in their teams and organizations. They are spiritual, entrepreneurial, and purpose-driven. They live to make a difference.

Our work together focuses on four areas:

  • Inner Self: Your intuition, subconscious mind, and mental roadblocks

  • Outer Self: Your habits, how you act, and how you are perceived by the world

  • Inner Collective: The beliefs, feelings, and culture that shape your organization

  • Outer Collective: The systems, structures, and frameworks that guide your organization

Clients look to LEVEL7 Leadership to provide insights that integrate the personal and professional, the spiritual and material, the effective and the sustainable, the head and heart, the meaningful and pragmatic, and the profitable and fulfilling. The LEVEL7 coaching experience delivers transformational results.



My approach to facilitation is refreshingly interactive and playful, incorporating experiential exercises, guided visualizations, and open discussion. I focus on integration so that classroom learnings translate into sustainable change and real-world success. Here are a few of my most popular workshops:

  • Startup Visioning

  • Mindfulness

  • The Manager-Coach (Learning to Coach)

  • Developing Yourself and Others

  • Working with Different Personalities

  • Be Productive, Not Busy (Productivity & Habits)

  • Assertiveness & Confidence

  • MeQ - Self-Awareness & Self-Management

  • WeQ - Social Awareness & Relationship Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

  • Managing Upwards

  • Conflict Management & Feedback

Request a specific workshop or click the link below to co-design the right program for your organization's needs.


Click to download the flyer

Click to download the flyer

Emerging leaders training

*Next class launching January 2019!

Emerging Leaders Training is a yearlong management training program for business professionals with 2-5 years of management experience that strive to excel in their personal & professional lives.

We leverage thousands of hours of practitioner knowledge and new research from the University of Cambridge to share the latest findings in leadership and management. Our programs focus on experiential learning (less talking, more doing) and daily integration to create refreshingly effective results.

Participants should have a corporate sponsor who believes in them and wishes for nothing less than their absolute success.



Click to download the flyer

Click to download the flyer


Wayfinder is an new type of outplacement program for businesses seeking an individualized and modern approach to career transitions.

If you are restructuring your workforce, let us help you increase severance package acceptance, strengthen your employer brand, and boost employee moral with our bespoke transition services.

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